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ARS TELA is a Riga-based textile company that designs and hand-weaves premium class Interior Textiles, Accessories, Ladies and Kids Garments and Upholstery fabrics mainly from natural fibers since 2003.

ARS TELA translated from Latin means ‘art in the fabric’ and we are true to its name.

ARS TELA designers have chosen to elaborate on Baltic-grown linen masterfully combining it with various other fibers like cashmere, silk, viscose, mohair, merino thus gaining outstanding versatile textures unlike machine-made textiles.

ARS TELA team of weavers is made up of experienced crafts people, average age from 18 to 84 who invest many years of weaving experience into each individual ARS TELA creation. It’s the magic of collaboration of several generations passing the knowledge of Latvian hand-weaving from one to another, ensuring the highest quality.


ARS TELA is an innovative company with a modern approach to management. Respecting that many professional weavers live in distant areas of Latvia, to some we have chosen to provide them with an opportunity to work distantly from home in various regions of Latvia. We provide them with threads, weaving guidelines and the finished product is supplied to Riga where our company is headquartered.


We carefully assess talents and abilities of each weaver, offering designs, in which they could gladly express herself as a real artist.

ARS TELA believes that projects created with love could be real works of art!

A good example is our decorative pillows made in the tapestry knitting technique that are equivalent to a piece of painting. It is a self-expression of our weavers. Each of their pillows is distinct and imbued with an artistic touch of colors perceivable at a subtle level, thus making pillows different and therefore unique!

Each textile article is created by more than six persons. One weaver can weave about 2-3 meters every day, depending on patterns, ornaments or yarn replacement complexity levels. Each stage in our textile business is a handwork – yarn selection, creation of weaving base, weaving process, washing, softening, sewing, milling, leather working, ironing and labeling.


ARS TELA works with yarns of the world-known brand manufacturers. We pay much attention to their quality, technological advancements and design. We use not only flax yarns of Baltic origin, but also linen yarns, silk fibers from the Italian Pradacollection, Armani collection linen yarn, as well as milk-soaked boucle linen yarns, viscose, lurex, mohair, Dior collection alpaca, cashmere wool. In various yarn combinations, putting together metal and soft yarns, plain and coarse fibers, we can create a natural, luxurious, transparent or dense texture, which is specific only for hand-operated machines. A distinctive feature of ARS TELA is textures.


We create not only innovative textile designs and weave on hand looms, but also provide a complete manual post-treatment of our products. Each article is washed and softened, starched, milled or ironed exceptionally by hand, thus ensuring an excellent quality, shrinkage, a specific graceful drape of fabric. ARS TELA design textiles are made of linen yarns 2-10 times denser and heavier than textiles produced by industrial methods.

Moreover, we sew all articles manually on an individual basis.

So, for example, one bed cover requires the entire day of manual work. Furthermore, shawl, plaid blanket fringes are twisted by hand.


ARS TELA succeeded in combining our ancient traditional crafts and a modern design. The concept of colors in ARS TELA home textile collections is performed in Latvian natural colors inspired by the northern beauty of Latvian nature– marine blue, sandy yellow, stony grey, and a variety of forest moss shades.

The major elements of our design are old Latvian ornaments and patterns. By enlarging some of their fragments, we create a contemporary Latvian textile design. We have developed innovative weaving techniques, essentially modifying textures and creating a resemblance to knitting stitches.

Our artists derive inspiration also from natural elements – unique combinations of bird and fish colors. So, they have created a collection of scarves for men, with their design embodying natural motives of birds and fish.

So many people put their heart into each of the articles, because they weave with all their soul and like what they do! It is not possible not to feel it. We are in a constant search of new solutions in the textile design. Probably that is the reason why our cooperation partners often call us as the pioneers of the modern textile design.