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Always check the labels carefully before washing or ask you laundry assistant to pay greatest attention to the washing tips.

When laundered and treated properly our items will last forever. To acquire the longest life of our contemporary Latvian textile design, please follow this:

Very delicate or for wool items machine launder in 30 to 40 degrees cold water on the most gentle cycle with cold water rinse. Use a mild detergent without bleach, favourably use liquid fabric softener for our hand-woven textiles. This will make our thick-twisted yarn fabrics softer.

Never use tumble drying.

Wash our textiles separately. Pure linen textiles remove to prevent wrinkling.

Iron while slightly damp, using steam iron on the warm/hot setting. 

If you prefer to keep crushed look in your scarfs/shawls/interior textiles, best not to iron them.

Scarfs can be best hand-washed in cold/warm water.

Plaids, curtains and cushions best dry clean.


Note: All natural fibres may shrink upto 2%, however, ARS TELA items are manually pre-washed and softened to ensure special softness and  resilience, as well as shrinkage.